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Does It Work: Wipe New

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Are you tired of having cloudy headlights, even after washing and detailing your vehicle? Well, a product called Wipe New claims to create a crystal clear headlight in a matter of seconds. With such an amazing claim, we decided to test it out to see if it works!

After reading the instructions, we found Wipe New basically comes does to 3 steps. Remove the oxidation off of the head, dry, and then apply Wipe New.

The first step asks that you "wet-sand" the headlight using the polishing pad provided. After removing the oxidation from the headlight, the surface must be dried off using the microfiber towel before applying the Wipe New Applicator.

Due to the contents and smell of the Wipe New applicator, the makers strongly advise users to apply Wipe New while using chemical resistant gloves in a well-ventilated area. Also, be sure to keep the Wipe New applicator out of the reach of children.

After a few wipes of the Wipe New applicator, the cloudy view of the headlight seems like a distant memory. The headlight's clarity rivaled a headlight you would see on a show-room floor.

After using Wipe New, our lab rat of a headlight looks a lot better. The directions for Wipe New were easy to follow and the results speak for themselves. Having clear headlights can go a long way while driving at night and other scenarios where visibility is limited. So if your headlights are cloudy, consider using Wipe New because we found out it works.

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