Editorial: Another push for impeachment

Editorial: Another push for impeachment

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There is another push in the Legislature to impeach Governor Bentley based on allegations he converted political funds for personal use, had an alleged affair with a subordinate that brings ethical issues into question, misused the state's jet for what he claims "to be state business", and the list goes on.

The governor has denied these allegations.

If the Legislature's proposed impeachment process were the only avenue for removing the governor, it should go forward. But there is also an ongoing criminal investigation by the state Attorney General's Office that could lead to criminal charges, and if he is convicted he would be automatically removed from office.

But the special prosecutor assigned to the Bentley investigation has raised concerns that the Legislature's impeachment process could interfere with, and possibly prevent, Bentley from being convicted for crimes even if the investigation finds them.

If that were to happen, all the time, effort and money already invested in investigating Bentley would be wasted.

We have nine months to go before our next Gubernatorial election cycle kicks in, we have a robust agenda in front of the Legislature and a host of other issues to deal with.

All this makes me wonder if the Legislature would be better served dealing with issues to enhance the lives of our citizens rather than looking at impeaching a lame duck governor. Legislators should give priority to the criminal investigation. Why waste the time, money and or energy on Governor Bentley?

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