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Controversial 'Chitling' test administered in Grissom High School class

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An incident at Grissom High School involving the "Chitling Intelligence Test" has angered some parents.

Huntsville City Schools spokesman Keith Ward said the test was part of a psychology course curriculum intended to show a type of biased testing that happened back in the 1970s.

Parents provided WAFF 48 News with a photo of the test that was given to a class of psychology students at Grissom High School.

Samples of questions on the test include "What are the Dixie Hummingbirds?” A few possible answers include "part of the KKK," a "swamp disease," and a "Mississippi negro paramilitary group."

Another question is about a woman named Hattie Mae Johnson and her home life. The question asks: "If Hattie Mae's husband is in jail for non-support, so she goes and gets pregnant by the highest lawyer in town, how much will her welfare check increase in 9 months?"

We reached out to Huntsville City Schools about it. Ward provided us with this statement in full:

The material in question was part of the Psychology Course Curriculum intended to demonstrate a type of biased intelligence testing that occurred during the 1970s. The use of this material without providing the correct context was a mistake. The teacher's apology was merited. In the future, the material will not be used in the classroom as a part of any district curriculum. Huntsville City Schools has incorporated professional development for teachers that focuses on culturally responsive teaching strategies and will continue to implement methods that reflect diversity and respect for all students.

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