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Does it work: WhirlyBall

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Does your child like to play with flying toys? Does your child like to play with bright, colorful toys that can illuminate a room? Well, WhirlyBall may be the next toy you buy for him or her. On this edition of Does It Work we put WhirlyBall to the test to see if it is really as fun as advertised.

WhirlyBall is a toy that can fly up to 15 feet high, thanks to the product’s propeller blades and gyroscope combo. Also, WhirlyBall features an internal infra-red sensor which not only allows the WhirlyBall to float but allows your child to become the controller by simply placing a body part under the WhirlyBall, causing the product to float higher.

So we purchased our very own WhirlyBall and put it to the test. WhirlyBall doesn't require batteries; it actually charges through a USB port. After a quick charge time we were up and running. As soon as we turned WhirlyBall on, red, green and blue lights lit up inside the ball and then the ball's propeller blades kicked into gear.

Up and down our WhirlyBall moved as we maneuvered it, just as the manufacturer claimed. The only snag with this product is when you're actually trying to catch the ball. Given its hovering capability, sometimes the ball hovers away from your outstretched hands when you're attempting to corral it. But after a few tries, and attacking it at an angle we were able to grab hold of the WhirlyBall.

WhirlyBall backs up all the claims stated by its manufacturer. This product does work and is an inexpensive buy. Most retail stores that sell this product sell it for just under $10.00 before tax. This is a toy made for kids 8 and up.

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