Montgomery jury convicts man on 9 child sex counts

(Source: Montgomery County Jail)
(Source: Montgomery County Jail)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery County jury convicts Daniel Baggett on 9 child sex crimes.

Five victims of child sex abuse were moved to tears after a Montgomery County jury delivered guilty verdicts on all counts, following two days of deliberation. Baggett was convicted on 4 counts of first degree sodomy, 4 counts of sex abuse of a child less than 12 years old and one count of sexual torture.

Some of the crimes occurred 30 years ago, sometime between 1988 through 2004. The victims didn't come forward until 2014.

"The courage our victims had to come forward to go through this process, we couldn't have done it without them, without the police department and the jury that convicted this man," Deputy District Attorney Sherri Mazur stated.

Mazur stated the investigation was especially difficult for the Montgomery Police Department. In fact, police found two additional victims over the course of putting together the case.

"This has been really, really difficult for our victims," Mazur stated. "They have had to live with this horrific crime for 20-30 years. Knowing they were able to get justice today brought them to tears. I think they will finally get the closure they were looking for."

Chief Deputy District Attorney Lloria James explained protecting children through cases like this the most important work for The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

"This verdict is really important to show not only these victims, but any potential victims, that when you come forward, we will believe you, we will protect you and be there for you," James explained.

James stated in this case, like many, one victim came forward, which gave others the courage to also press charges.

"They may say 'I wasn't strong enough on my own, but I see the other victims coming forward and I want to tell my story,'" James said. "It's not only important for that victim to be vindicated and to get justice, it's important to the children that protect and for the children that we let know, we are listening and we are there for you."

Judge Hardwick revoked Baggett's bond following the verdict.

"We are grateful to Judge Hardwick for revoking the defendant's bond, so that today none of the other children in Montgomery County can be worried about this man being on the streets," James explained.

Baggett will be sentenced on April 27. He has also been indicted on five counts of possession of child pornography. No trial date has been set.

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