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Jackson Hospital now a milk depot for Mothers' Milk Bank of AL


There's now a new feature in the River Region to help babies. Walk into a room in the baby center at Jackson Hospital and you can see a freezer. It may look like a normal, everyday deep freezer, but for babies in central Alabama it's a symbol of life-saving treatment.

"For some babies, it is life or death," said Liz Owen, a lactation consultant on breast milk for Jackson Hospital.

Jackson Hospital is now a depot site for Mothers' Milk Bank of Alabama. That means mothers in central Alabama who have an over-supply can easily donate their milk instead of just throwing it out.

Owen says the depot can help save Alabama babies, especially in the River Region.

"We will use some. I've actually talked to some of the neonatologists. They do plan to use some here, but they'll probably use more at Baptist South because they're the regional NICU," Owen said. "The really tiny preemies go over there. They're already using donor milk. I think they were actually getting it from California or another state, but hopefully, as milk gets more available they won't have to go out of state to get it."

Owen added, "Breast milk is so important, it's important for all babies. It just has such wonderful benefits as far as growth and development and disease prevention. It's especially critical for premature babies, babies who are compromised for any reason."

Jackson was able to get the freezer through a grant. It's currently empty, but the hope is it will quickly fill up.

"Birmingham hopes they'll eventually get so much milk donated, that it can be available to any mother that wants it," Owen stated. "Right now, it's gonna be available to babies in the hospital, in the NICU, pre-term, or even if a full term baby had a medical problem. It does require doctors order and parental consent." 

Mothers who wish to donate will need to be screened, including having blood work done, but that all is free and will take place in Montgomery. Once approved, moms will just drive up to Jackson and someone will meet them at the curb to gather the milk.

For more information call 334-293-8497.   

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