Editorial: Child's Biscuits letter to WSFA

Editorial: Child's Biscuits letter to WSFA

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It is difficult to believe the Montgomery Biscuits baseball season is upon us and the MAX Capital City Classic with Auburn and Alabama is on March 28. With baseball in the air, I thought it timely to discuss a letter I received the other day from a young viewer named Jemarcus, who attends Garret Elementary.

His letter reads:

To:  WSFA:

"I think the Biscuits name should be changed to scorpions because people eat biscuits, but people run from scorpions. And biscuits are soft and people can tear up biscuits, and biscuits will not hurt you, but scorpions will hurt you. Many people agree with me."

He had each of his classmates sign his letter.

Jermarcus, I spoke with Big Mo and he wanted you to know that he likes YOUR team name suggestion of Scorpions but would rather not change theirs. He said if they got rid of the Biscuits what would happen to Monty and what would Big Mo eat?

As you ponder that Jemarcus, this is what Big Mo, the Biscuits, and WSFA want to do to butter you up a little and sway you and your classmate's thinking.

We are extending an invitation to you, your entire class, including your teachers at Garret Elementary, as well as your parents to join us for a Montgomery Biscuits game this season. I will personally call your principal to set up the details. How's that?

I loved this letter, as it exemplifies young people expressing their thoughts and ideas, and it allows us to do something special to positively impact children- helping them create special memories.

Thank you, Jemarcus for sending me your letter, and thank you for watching WSFA.

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