Teens, parents struggle to come to terms with Lee HS shooting

Teens, parents struggle to come to terms with Lee HS shooting

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - As authorities continue to investigate Quinterrious Norman's motive in Thursday afternoon's shooting, classes continued Friday at Lee High School.

"To be honest I was really debating letting him go to school today," said Nikeeta Robinson, a concerned Lee mother.

"There really wasn't anyone in school today. It was like really quiet," said Deontay Jones, a Lee High School sophomore.

"She heard the sound of the shooting," said Aretha Bettis, explaining how scared her daughter was.

Teens and their parents are still trying to come to terms with what happened Thursday afternoon at Robert E Lee High School.

"It was scary because I couldn't contact her, I couldn't talk to her parents because I didn't have her parents phone number and I really wanted to know if she was ok," said Samantha Mejia, a Lee sophomore.

Mejia is friends with the 15-year old victim.

"She was very nice, she was very kind," said Mejia.

According to the Lee sophomore, students were in a somber mood.

"Since our whole class knows her we were kind of down since she wasn't here today," said Mejia.

Deontay Jones' classes were quiet too. He's known the alleged shooter, Quinterrious Norman, since middle school.

"I didn't know he'd do something like that," said Jones.

Parent's that don't normally pick their kids up changed their routine given the circumstances.

"The school has metal detectors so there's no way any type of weapon is getting into the school due to the fact they have safety measurements, outside the school, we really can't say what goes on. Only thing I can say is put more security in the back," said Robinson.

An increased law enforcement presence could be seen around campus as the final bell rang and some parents are praising Lee's Principal.

"It was reassuring to get a call from the school knowing that they handled the situation and made sure the kids got on the buses and got the children back in the building safe. I was glad the school had a protocol to follow," said Bettis.

In addition to added security, extra counselors were on hand Friday for students and staff.

A family member tells us the 15-year-old girl is alert, and her friends say they're praying for her and want her back.

School officials say there hasn't been an incident where a student has been shot on Montgomery Public School property since the late 90's.

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