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Josh: Warm start to Spring, Saturday storms possible


WARM START TO SPRING: Today marked the Spring equinox, or the first day of astronomical Spring. This marks the day that the sun passes over the equator on its slow journey northward. On this day, there are roughly equal hours of daylight and night. In fact, the word equinox come from the Latin "equi" meaning equal, and the Latin "nox", meaning night. It felt more like June than March today, though, with highs soaring into the mid 80s.

MORE OF THE SAME: Tuesday will be a very warm day around the state; afternoon highs will again soar into the mid 80s with a beautiful supply of mostly sunny sky.


We don't expect any rain. A weak front slips through the state Wednesday; we will mention an increase in clouds and a small chance of a sprinkle or shower. That front will knock highs back down a bit; afternoon highs Wednesday top out near 80, with lower 70s Thursday and Friday. We will also continue to mention a tiny risk of a shower Thursday and Friday, but most will stay dry.

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FIRST ALERT - SATURDAY STORMS? A more robust cold front will push towards Alabama over the weekend. Ahead of it, warm and moist air will surge northward from the Gulf of Mexico. This will set the stage for a good coverage of rain and thunderstorms Saturday into Saturday night. And, depending on which model you believe, wind shear and instability could potentially favor some strong or severe storms. There's still too much uncertainty to really beat the drum on this risk just yet, but understand that Saturday will likely be a wet day, and there could potentially be some active weather. We'll keep you posted!

Josh Johnson, WSFA First Alert Chief Meteorologist

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