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Does it work: Tornado Bottle

The Tornado Bottle (Source: WSFA 12 News) The Tornado Bottle (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Do you enjoy blended drinks but hate the process of making them? Well Tornado Bottle is a relatively new product that may help cut down the time to make your preferred beverage. The Tornado Bottle is a self-mixing beverage tumbler that claims to automatically mix any drink to perfection. So we put it to the test making common drinks.

Set up was quick and simple. Tornado Bottle runs on two AAA batteries that power a motor located at the base of the bottle. After installing the batteries we were ready to try our first drink.

First up was a simple protein shake. Following the provided instructions we filled two-thirds of the bottle with water. Next, we added one scoop of our protein powder. After securing the lid, we pressed the button to kick-start the motor and a mini-tornado developed inside the container. It was quite an impressive spin-cycle as the Tornado Bottle automatically mixed our protein shake. In less than a minute we had a shake ready to enjoy. 

Next up, we tried a more difficult beverage, a strawberry smoothie. So we placed milk, yogurt, and strawberries inside Tornado Bottle and pressed the button to mix the ingredients. But after a few minutes we noticed that we didn't have a perfect mixture. Tornado bottle was having a tougher time with this thicker beverage than the thinner protein shake.

For this Does It Work segment we have Tornado Bottle a 'maybe'. Tornado Bottle fulfills most of its advertised claims. It's a great on-the-go automatic mixer than is smaller and quieter than traditional blenders. It can mix hot and cold beverages, but it had difficulty with the thicker smoothie drinks.

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