Editorial: Air travel is not the same!

Editorial: Air travel is not the same!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Air travel is nothing like it used to be. Back when I was much younger, not as many traveled by plane. If you did, you dressed up in your Sunday's best, you were served food on china plates with real silverware… in coach, everyone checked their luggage and smoking was even allowed. The smoking section was indicated by little signs on the top of the seats nearest the aisle. Thank heavens that has changed.

In 2017, no one dresses to fly, you are only served meals if you travel overseas or are in first class, and everyone carries on their bags. Airlines charge $25 per checked bag and your bag cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. The Bunting family has big feet. When we travel together, we have one bag just for shoes.

A low fare airline, I won't mention their name but it begins with S-P-I-R and ends with I-T, charges $10 per passenger if you fail to pre-book online. They charge $35 per bag and their seats have less cushion, but you can pay for more comfortable seats if you wish. The flight attendant's sole purpose on this airline is to go up and down the aisles collecting food, trash, and newspapers that you brought on, because they don't provide anything like that. By the time you add the costs for better comfort, checked baggage, and all the other hidden fees, you might as well just fly one of the major airlines.

I suggest the airlines just raise their rates to cover the incidentals and stop nickel and diming us. Minus the smoking sections, I sure wish we could go back to the way air travel used to be.

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