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Does it work: Toucan

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Do you struggle, squeeze, and strain your hand whenever you use a traditional can opener? If so, we may have a solution to your problem. On this edition of Does It Work we are testing out Toucan. Toucan is a hands-free can opener that claims to open any can in a matter of seconds. It also claims to be able to open those tightly closed jars and glasses bottles.

To properly test Toucan we put it through three scenarios, attempting tasks that are common in the kitchen.

Setup for Toucan is quite simple. All the user needs to do is install 4 double-A batteries.

With the batteries installed we're ready for our first test, opening a regular can of tamales. We place Toucan on top of the can, so the edge of the can is between the cutting blade and the wheel. Hitting the start button sets Toucan off on a circular adventure around the can and results in a freshly opened can of tamales. However, Toucan's on-board magnet did not pick up the can's lid. 

Next up, a tightly closed jar of Alfredo cheese. Using the bottle-opener on Toucan, the firmly fastened lid on the jar was just no match for Toucan and easily flew off. 

For our third and final test we had a can of cream of potatoes with a tab on the top. Normally, cans with tabs on the top are easy to open and do not require a can opener. But this type of can may be quite difficult for anyone with arthritis, hand or joint pain. So can Toucan pass the test?

Once again, using the bottle-opener side of Toucan, we were able to lift the tab and eventually open this can as well.

So, after three different tasks, Toucan proved to back up most of its advertised claims. The only issue with Toucan was its on-board magnet. After opening the can, the magnet was supposed to pick up the lid. But looking past that one drawback, Toucan worked well enough for us to give it a passing grade, and say it does work!

Toucan can be purchased at several major retailers ranging from ten to twenty dollars.

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