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Montgomery police offer security assessments for homes, businesses

MPD Corporal David Hicks walks through a home's security assessment. (Source: WSFA 12 News) MPD Corporal David Hicks walks through a home's security assessment. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

A break-in or burglary at your home or business is an expensive problem, taking away your valuables and your sense of security. Montgomery police officers are offering a proactive way to deter crime through home and business security assessments. Officers come assess your property to find any vulnerabilities that could create a crime of opportunity.

“It allows you to have the opportunity for a police officer to come to your home and see what the overall security is, or what improvement can be made,” MPD Corporal David Hicks explained. 

Hicks says the assessments are open to any citizen or business owner in the city, which focus on the inside and outside of the property. While every property is different, Hicks pointed out common points that affect most every house or business. 

1. Shrubbery

“The height of your shrubs is very important,” Hicks explained. “You want to make sure you trim the shrubbery to limit hiding spots. If you can hide behind it, you would want to trim it.”

2. Lighting

“When you install your lighting, you want it to be motion-activated. If you purchase the lights, make sure they have that function.”

3. Front entryway

“Make sure you can see out and you have good, quality lighting,” Hicks stated, reminding residents to make sure each of the lights are clean. Also, allow all house numbers to be displayed proximately in case emergency responders are searching for your house or business. Hicks also mentioned a special coating offered at online retailers that will make windows much harder to break, which is a vulnerable entry point on any property. 

 “It will make your glass 300 times stronger,” Hicks stated. 

4. Deadbolt locks 

“There’s a lot of things you can do with your door frame and locks,” Hicks said about security each door, including choosing a high-quality door. “Make sure the locks are high quality.”  For those who have glass on their door, or framing a doorway, use a deadbolt lock with a key entry on both sides, to keep criminals from breaking through the glass and turning the deadbolt lock. 

For those interested in a security assessment, call MPD Community Policing: 334-625-4800. 

MPD is also offering crime preventative tips on the NextDoor app, and on the Montgomery Police Department Facebook Page.

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