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Special counsel investigating Bentley to release report Friday

(Source: WSFA 12 News File Photo) (Source: WSFA 12 News File Photo)

The special counsel for the committee investigating Gov. Robert Bentley plans to release a report Friday.

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee released a tentative schedule for possible impeachment proceedings of Bentley. According to the schedule, lawmakers should get a report on the investigation Friday and will begin impeachment hearings the following Monday, April 10.

The state ethic’s commission is also expected to release a report during a meeting on Wednesday.

Bentley filed an emergency motion with the HJC Thursday that seeks to stop the release of a pending impeachment probe report. That same day, Ross Garber, Bentley's attorney, held a news conference objecting to the process saying it violates Bentley’s right to due process.

"You don't impeach governors because you don't like them," Garber said. "You don't impeach governors because of ethics violations. You impeach them for grave criminal misconduct."

The House Judiciary Committee appointed Jackson Sharman in 2016 to represent a special counsel for the impeachment proceedings against Bentley. Sharman was tasked to find evidence of alleged unethical or illegal behavior.

While Bentley has apologized for his steamy remarks, captured in recorded conversations before his divorce, he has denied a sexual affair and says he broke no laws.

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