Editorial: The clock is ticking on Obamacare

Editorial: The clock is ticking on Obamacare

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Then candidate Donald Trump had a very simple message on what he would do to make America great again.  He was going to bring back jobs to America, build a wall to protect our southern border with Mexico and repeal Obamacare.

Those who did vote for Trump were adamant that these issues be at the forefront of his administration and wanted swift action to get these things done.

Though he did not win 50 percent of the vote, the repealing of Obamacare resonated with a majority of those in the U.S. Yet despite this, the Republicans failed on their first attempt to repeal it.

During the past five years, the Republicans did nothing but demand that the ACA be abolished. That was a core theme to their election efforts and yet during these past five years, no one in the Republican Party could come up with a better solution -- a solution that would answer the call for a system that was truly better for all.

Imagine if your boss told you that the job you were doing wasn't getting the desired results and you needed to come up with a better game plan, do you think they would allow you five years to do it?

The President's first test to get rid of Obamacare has failed. If this overly complicated and business-debilitating health care program is not reformed or repealed and replaced with something better by midterm elections, expect the Republicans to lose the Senate majority and gridlock like we have never seen before will ensue!

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