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Does it work: Clever Cutter

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Clever Cutter is a new kitchen gadget hitting the market that’s billed as a knife and cutting board all in one. No assembly is needed with this product so we can quickly open it up and put it to the test.

So first up, cutting a carrot.

If you’re used to using a cleaver to cut your food like me, then Clever Cutter may feel awkward at first.

But after getting the hang of it, I was able to use Clever Cutter to easily cut up my carrot, similar to how they cut it in the commercial.

Next, cutting a raw chicken breast.

Clever cutter went through the chicken, but it was a little difficult to cut the chicken exactly how I wanted. But after working at it, I was able to make clean cuts.

Clever Cutter backs up its promise to quickly chop foods in seconds. There is a danger element to this product, however. Due to the its power pressure handles and its sharp blade, this is not something kids should use. So parents make sure this stays out of your kid’s reach. So if you're looking for a new edition to you kitchen utensils then you may want to consider Clever Cutter because we proved it does work.

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