Editorial: Farewell Robert Bentley

Editorial: Farewell Robert Bentley

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Gov. Robert Bentley woke up today as citizen Robert Bentley probably wondering what just happened.  As he laid in bed looking up at the ceiling he might have thought about the past seven years and what he deemed were his accomplishments, including an improved education system, new jobs, a better economy and improvement in our transportation.

But I wonder if Alabamians will remember any of these things when they think of Mr. Bentley.

What he should think about is what he did to the reputation of this state and to the office he so unceremoniously left. He, in my opinion, disgraced us and will be forever known as the "Luv Gov."  He was a man enthralled by the power and notoriety of the job and it is the same job that consumed him and ultimately destroyed him.

I wonder if the glimmer and glean of his title and power that caused him to make poor choices make him as attractive as he was to some now that it is gone?  Had he been honest from the beginning, apologized, and resigned when his scandal broke, I sense most would forgive and forget, but his defiance to the end though guilty make us wanting him to never return.

Gov. Kay Ivey most likely would not have wanted to become governor in the fashion that she did. She has much to do to hone our state government's attention to matters that mean the most to the citizens of Montgomery and the state of Alabama. I wish her much success.

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