Need to file your AL taxes? Take a selfie!

Need to file your AL taxes? Take a selfie!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Tax officials say they're about 5 percent behind volume wise compared to this time in 2016 because the tax season got off to a late start. But for those waiting until the last minute to file, a selfie, may be the answer.

Alabama Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee isn't trying out a new filter or trying to dethrone Kim K as the selfie queen as she sits at her desk and moves her head in front of her cell phone's camera.

"Its new and it's novel," Magee said. "We're the only state in the nation that has it. We're even ahead of the IRS on initiatives like this.

She's showing off the technology of MorphoTrust EID, and as she explains, "what EID stands for is electronic ID, and it's the future."

So if you haven't filed your state tax returns yet, a selfie may save the day.

"There is no other tool out there that will kind of allow you to take control of when we process your Alabama State Tax Return," said Magee.

After you download the "MorphoTrust" App in the App Store, scan your driver's license and it's selfie time! The image is cross-referenced with your photo and info on file with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

"It's highly encrypted," Magee says. "We're not sending information through the cloud back and forth, so this is state-of-the-art programming. The same people who do the TSA Pre-Check Program for the federal government are doing this programming for us."

From there a QR code is generated and taxpayers who use the app to complete the filing process will receive priority processing.

"You scan your QR code to the desktop computer and it talks behind the scenes to our tax administration program," said Magee. For her, it's another way to cut down on identity theft and combat tax fraud.

"We have not paid $15 million over three years in requested refunds through our anti-fraud filtering techniques," the commissioner confirmed.

It's empowering taxpayers, one selfie at a time.

"When I heard about it and I saw it as the solution that I've been complaining to the IRS Commissioner about, when people are victimized they feel like they have no power going forward and this empowers tax payers like nothing I've ever seen," said Magee.

Right now, the app is only available in the Apple App-Store but an Android version should be coming soon.

Unless you've filed an extension, Tax Day is April 18th.

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