Editorial: Gov. Ivey…save us some money

Editorial: Gov. Ivey…save us some money

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Gov. Kay Ivey will be in office through the end of 2018 and could be in office four years more should she choose to run and win re-election.

The governor and her staff have been hard at work for the past couple of days, and she has already made some sweeping changes. I am here to offer a couple of suggestions on a few money saving tips.

These of course will by no means balance the state budget, but they just make sense and every effort to save tax payer money sends the right message to we the citizens.

First, I would suggest Governor Ivey not invest in new name plates, which are erected on the "Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama" signs located on the interstate highways. Frankly, I really don't understand why this is done in the first place. And there is no need to have new ones made – just remove the signs with our former governor's name.

Second, there is the subject of the printed state maps that are free to those who visit our welcome centers. With GPS, Google and smartphones I am not sure why we would invest in these maps anyway, but if we continue to do so, let's use the maps with the face of the former governor until they run out and when it is time to re-stock let's make them generic with no reference of a governor.

It is this kind of cost saving mentality we need to incorporate in state government. All we ask is that our legislators think like we do when spending our money – little cost saving measures do add up.

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