Editorial: Negotiating for dummies

Editorial: Negotiating for dummies

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I continue to be disappointed in how our government in Washington DC doesn't function anymore.

By functioning I mean accomplishing anything. We no longer get things done because neither side of the political divide chooses to work with the other.  The art of compromise is dead in Washington.

I think back to the days when President Ronald Reagan and the Republicans had the White House and the Senate, and the Democrats controlled the House with Tip O'Neil serving as the speaker of the house.  Reagan and O'Neil could not have differed more on policy and yet, somehow they compromised on key issues and got the job done.

Former President Bill Clinton and the Democrats had the White House and the Republicans had the Senate and the House. I think we all know how the Republicans thought of Mr. Clinton, and yet when it was time to get their work done they did so through compromise.

Neither of the political parties will ever see eye to eye on most major issues. Both parties must realize there is give and take in every negotiation. I suggest our representatives work on their compromising skills.

I might suggest they read the book entitled: The Art of Negotiation: How to Improvise Agreement in a Chaotic World or for some maybe read the book entitled Negotiating for Dummies. Either way, they need to put our country's best interests first and start compromising.

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