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Blueprint City wraps up initiative to address Dothan challenges

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A group of citizens is working to solve issues facing the city of Dothan. On Wednesday, the mayor and organizers of Blueprint City shared ideas and findings of a 6-month initiative. The group was launched back in November.

Co-chair groups focused on six specific areas to improve including affordable housing, policing, spiritual challenges, civic organizations, business, and quality education for all Dothan students.

Blueprint City's overall goal is to build one community of sharing citizens, centered in faith and family who are concerned for the well-being of all.

They hope to build a more inclusive business community in Dothan.

The spiritual group was one of the most successful groups. They hosted an event that brought over 100 people of different spiritual backgrounds together.

"The bigger issues that we've found with segregation in our houses of worship some misunderstanding of the different kinds of worship that happens in our city...some prejudices that exist... those things would be difficult to manage or address if we didn't figure out a way to get people to just cross some boundary lines and just get to see each other as people," said Lavonda Gosselin, co-chair of Blueprint City spiritual group.

The policing group launched Chat with a Cop at DothanPD.Org to improve communications with residents and media outlets.

"People can go online and file a complaint," said Precious Freeman, Dothan Community Relations Group. "That's a big deal. I don't want to get complaints in my inbox and I don't want to see them on Facebook. I want to know that people are actually able to conveniently file a concern and I think that they've been able to be successful in making that happen in that group." 

While the initial 6-month initiative has come to an end, organizers are hoping these groups will continue working to address these challenges.

If you would like to be a part of the efforts log on to the Dothan community relations group Facebook page.

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