Editorial: Consider a lower gas tax

Editorial: Consider a lower gas tax

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I usually am the first to say no to raising taxes, but I have a different view when it comes to a gasoline tax - especially here in Alabama.

The gasoline tax is seemingly a bit fairer as most everyone drives a car so most folks will have to pay it. The state would benefit from this and so would Alabamians. Many motorists drive through Alabama to get to their final destination but do not reside in our state.

These same people would be adding to our coffers when they purchase gasoline. The average $2.15 we currently pay per gallon includes the 18 cents we are now assessed as a gas tax. We have been paying that same tax amount for the past 25 years.

Bridges and roads will not repair themselves and fixing them does cost money. The cost for repair has only increased over the past 25 years. The legislature failed to pass a gas tax bill this session where the bill proposed an increase of the current gasoline tax by 4 cents in September, another 2 cents in September 2019 and an additional 3 cents in 2024.  This would have funded a $2.4 billion bond.

To start the first year off at 4 cents was the wrong approach. They should have proposed a 2 cent increase. Based on a once a week fill up, the average car owner would have been assessed approximately $1.50 more per month and the average pickup truck owner would have paid an extra $2.50 per month. Once again the government asked for too much money. It's not like we aren't currently paying a tax.

Bottom line: no one wants to pay higher taxes, and yet somehow, we need to pay for improving our roads and bridges. However, the government needs to work on a game plan that does not increase sticker shock. 

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