Viewers write on 10 Commandments rulings

"I think that the rulings are wrong and were done in haste.  People forget that this world has been based on the Ten Commandments since before our time.  The Ten Commandments is not a religion but they are government laws.  I don't agree with the courts taking them out of the courtrooms because they are what the government has based all of their laws on for centuries.  Now, why change it.  - Katrina

"The Ten Commandments are what our country was formed on. If  the people what it, I think the majority should have the right to hold elections on this important issue. God knows all mens hearts."  - Daniel

"It's funny that we want to take the Ten Commandments out but when we refer to gay marriage we don't want that union becuse most refer to the Bible and it being between one man and one women. We cant choose to use the Bible and not when we feel like it. It should be used in all things! - Samantha

"My feelings on the matter is this.  It seems as time goes on they are tring to take religion out of everything.  Such as pledging allegiance to the flag.  Well the next step would be to take swearing on the Bible out as well.  The commandments are the first set of laws that should be put in the Constitution, but aren't because they are in the BIBLE.  The Commandments are what Judges and Lawyers and all beings should abide by. - Rich

"I think the Ten Commandments need to be on display.  It's not for the Supreme Court to decide yea or nea.  The Ten Commandments are what this nation was bulit on and the courts need to keep their beliefs to theirselves." - Jesse

"All of this is not making any sense, how can you say "In God We Trust," yet you do not allow the Commandments that were given by our God. Without whom there would be no USA, no presidents, no courthouses, and no judges to make such bad choices.  The people of this world had better realize who our God is, and soon."

The 10 Commandments is not about anyone's relegion. It's simply about being a good person because if we obey there would be no killing,stealing,adultery,lies,envy, people would honor thier parents, we would not put our cars, homes, children, etc before God. It's so simple regardless of you religion, whatever your sabbath day is wheter it be Sat.or Sunday etc., just keep it HOLY. We as people have got to stop fighting against things that has to be done (this display should be, and has to be done) to make this world a better place its gonna take placing the 10 Commandments everywhere that they can be read, some of us need them stamped to our forehead. Maybe then it will be less crimes. If this country remove the 10 Commandments we are saying in God we don't trust. how can this country say "In God We Trust" but we don't obey. - Angela

"I believe the 10 Commandments should be on display in all courthouses." - Jan

"I think that the United States is a Christian nation and therefore the Ten Commandments have a place in every public building in the country. The minute the Ten Commandments and prayer were taken out of public places, our nation started on a downhill turn that, I fear, will result in our eventual collapse as a nation. If a nation doesn't honor God it doesn't stand a chance of survival. It's too bad that those in positions of power are too blind to recognize that fact. Unfortunately for them, they will have to face God and explain their actions. We can only pray that they will come to their senses and do what is right for our country." - Melanie

"I think that the matter should be left alone. The 10 Commandments are our way of life.  Our country is founded on them and a true Christian would let the issue drop. Aparently there are none in ANY court.  Why are church and state divided anyway?" - Marilyn

"I think it's a shame we as Americans can't do things we believe in." - Judy

"The Supreme Court is slowly but surely doing away with everything our founding fathers gave to us and fought for.  I do not see how these individuals could possibly consider themselves as Christians when they are always doing away with our values, morals, and all that the founding fathers stood for." - Betty

"Texas was OK. Kentucky denied freedom to excercise religious expression. No religion was ever established by displaying the 10 Commandments in a courthouse." - George

"I think that the decision was a non-decision, leaving it up to federal judges to decide who can and who can't display the 10 Commandments. To Henry : The Consitution doesn't say separation of church and state, it says the government shall not establish a religion. Meaning that the government could not force you to participate in any one particular religion. Big difference. If you will read statements made by our forefathers it is easily understood that this nation was founded as a Christian nation, and 78% still claim Christianity as their CHOSEN religion.  If we truly are a democracy then why are we constantly catering to the minority? It's reasonable to believe that people from other countries come with their own religion and they shouldn't be forced to assume ours, thats not how Christianity works any way, but we shouldn't have to change our beliefs and heritage to appease them. Then of course there are the athiest, well you know, they don't believe in anything what are they scared of? Do they think if they read it enough they will be converted?" - Marsha

"I think it was a just and fair ruling.. I don't believe the government has a right to shove relgion down someone's throat..We all know the Ten Commandents, so we don't need displays." - Margaret

"You swear in court on a Bible.Our money has 'In GOD WE TRUST'. One Nation under GOD!!!from the start of this country.".--That is a no- brainer. - Frank

"I am upset about the Kentucky decision, because our Constitution says that we have freedom "OF" religion, NOT freedom "FROM" religion. The phrase "Separation of church and state" is not found in our constitution. Since atheism is or can be considered a religion, it is wrong to submit to any of their demands. since it establishes support of their beliefs. History proves that our founders intended for Christian beliefs to be recognized and allowed. Many came to this country FOR the opportunity to worship as they wished. Telling others the truth about God is not establishing religion. It is required by our faith to be obedient to our God. No one is required to become a Christian by anyone, but to forbid people the opportunity to tell others about God is religious bashing and is condemning many to hell, if they are not allowed to hear the truth, SO they can make an informed decision." - Juanita

"I belive that the Ten Commandments should stay right where they are. Because it is GOD'S HOLY WORD. And it's a strong foundation that stands forever." - Laurie

"I think It's not right because next they will want to take 'In God We Trust' off our currency. Government doesn't have anything to do but criticize our flags. Our forefathers built this (country) the way it is and no one should be able to change it." - Betty

"I agree 100% with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the Kentucky case. The "Ten Commandments" is a religious document, not a legal text, and it has no place in our courthouses. For those folks who think that the Ten Commandments should be displayed in every courthouse in America, how do you feel about displaying portions of the Koran in our courthouses? How about Buddhist or Hindu texts? Would you be fine with portions of the Koran being put next to the Ten Commandments in your local courthouse? I doubt it. As for me, I say separation of church and state now and forever." - Henry

" I think the Ten Commandments should be allowed in the courthouse or the capitol in every state. It reminds us of what our country was founded on." - Amanda

"I think it is a sad case when a court system says that you can't display the 10 Commandments in the courtroom. If you have to take the stand do you not put your hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth so help you GOD. When it comes down to it, it is all based on the same thing 'GOD'. If you are going to involve 'GOD' in one aspect of the court system then he should be involved in ALL aspects of it." -- Michelle