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Center Point HS principal believes graduation rates should be higher

Source: Jonathan Bailey/WBRC Source: Jonathan Bailey/WBRC

When Van Phillips took over as principal at Center Point High School years ago, the graduation rate was 49 percent.

Now, that rate is pushing 80 percent.

Last week, Phillips realized something was wrong when the state posted the new graduation rates.

"When I saw them last week, we were three or four percent lower than the documents I submitted to the state," Phillips said.

The state department of education admitted Tuesday it made a mistake. The Jefferson County principal says the state education department should have double checked its information before posting the numbers.

"Sometimes would have a negative effect on people wanting to bring kids to school our school because they see the grad rate is diminishing based on the way they calculate it," Phillips explained.

Phillips said his graduation rate would be closer to 90 percent if not for new federal standards dealing with special education students.

Phillips points out when it comes to graduation rates, it’s not fair to judge his school to over the mountain schools.

"They don't have the transient population we have, the urban schools, the suburban, the inner-city schools, but we are held to the same standard," Phillips said.

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