Alabama Attorney General says High Court not following the Constitution

Alabama Attorney General Troy King issued the following statement in regard to Monday's rulings on the display of the Ten Commandments in Kentucky and Texas.

"Once again, the United States Supreme Court has made law from the bench based upon the consciences and opinions of five unelected individuals rather than the words of the Constitution. Last December, we warned that the federal courts were creating an inequitable and illogical patchwork of rulings, where virtually identical Ten Commandments monuments are allowed,or not, depending upon the whim of a federal judge and his interpretation of the motives of those whose expressions at the time the monuments were erected may have had overtones deemed to have religious purpose.

Today, our fears have been realized. The United States Supreme Court has found distinctions within the First Amendment that do not exist, and bases its decision on language—separation of church and State—that is not found in the Constitution. Sadly, this unprincipled approach to constitutional issues has become an effective tool in the hands of activist judges to undermine those liberties cherished most by our forefathers. "

From the Office of the Attorney General