Editorial: Tip, Montgomery!

Editorial: Tip, Montgomery!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you get a good look at me you will know that one of my passions is eating. I genuinely love going out to eat. I have been in Montgomery 14 weeks now and have visited many, many local eating establishments.

I bring this up not to highlight I need a diet, but to remind folks that when you go to a sit-down restaurant you need to tip your servers.

The average restaurant waitress or waiter receives $2.19 per hour. This figure is well below the minimum wage. The servers make their money through their tips. The rule of thumb for tipping is 15 to 20 percent on the total bill. There are some who will back out taxes and only tip on the meal portion, which I don't agree with.

What is considered a worse practice in my opinion is not tipping at all. If the service is not up to your standards, pay 10 percent and let management know.

The good waiters and waitresses will leave an eating establishment if there is a trend of no tipping. If this happens, the restaurants are often forced to settle and hire servers with less experience. Nine times out of 10 these are people who are not cut out for a job that requires excellence in customer service.

Even if the food is good, this results in chronic bad service, which then leads to bad online reviews. Bad reviews for service will cripple and ultimately close a restaurant.

So, keep the good restaurants open by tipping your waiters and waitresses. I will be here through Friday. Try the veal.

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