Viewers write on Richard Scrushy Verdict

"You know I watched that movie"For richer For Poorer" and you never know it could have happened that way for him to. Even though this was a movie, Tim never knew what the guy was doing that was handling the money, he just trusted him." - Kim

"Prosecution problem.....Alice Martin blew the Siegleman case as well" - Jeff

"I think he got away with fraud." - David

"Money talks and lies walk!!!" - Dawn

"RIDICULOUS is the word.   This is just another example of how American is being "robbed" over and over again, and the blessed tax payers are the ones that are suffering while the rich get richer... he will have to answer to the Big Man upstairs one day, and I think then justice will be done.  Unfortunately, the honest people will still suffer." - J.B.

"Makes you want to relocate....the jury should be ashamed of themselves!" - K.G.

"He is guilty as hell, just like Michael Jackson. Their is something bad wrong with our judical system. somebody is being paid off." - Glen

"This is why we have a fair justice system." - Bob

"He definitely has gotten away with fraud." - Mary

"If you have enough money you can get away with anything." - Lori

" I just wonder how much that verdict cost him? This would appear to be an enormous miscarrage of justice. What a joke." - Alan

" I think that he got off because of this money and the games he has played recently." - Mabel

" I'm sorry Mr. Gerald could not be here.  There are still some grey areas to be answered." - Betty

" In his heyday, Mr. Schrushy spoke often of his micro-management, to the point where he bragged about the HealthSouth restrooms.  I therefore find it impossible to believe him when he says he knew "nothing" about his company's shady financial dealings.  I think this was reflected in our interview with Dr. Bronner.  To the business community at large, Alabama citizens now look ignorant once again." - R.B.

"Yes, I feel he got away with fraud." - Phil

"I was not in the court room so I did not hear the testimony, but I question how 15 of his professional staff are found guilty and the boss is not! If I were a black attorney representing poor black clients, I would ask what type of justice does Alabama have when rich attorneys do such an outstanding job for a rich client. What a sad day for Alabama when we have our prisons running at 185 percent planned capacity, and we don''t take seriously the Alabama pledge passed by the legislature that our leaders will promote character." - Mary Anne

"He got away with fraud in a big way! He got rich off other people's money!" - M.J.

"Once again, those with wealth and fame have gotten away with serious crimes. Those who are wealthy enough to pay for expensive defense teams seem to prevail while others go to prison for much less serious offenses. How can we continue to have confidence in our criminal justice system when the term "liberty and justice for all" continues to be so lopsided in favor of the rich and famous?" - Betty

"Either he is the supidest CEO in America or he is guilty. I choose to believe the latter." - Andy

"I believe he got away with fraud." - Starr

"He got away with fraud." - Shirley

"It is impossible to believe that a person who so micro-managed to the point of assigning people their own parking spaces would not have known about this conspiracy to defraud money at HealthSouth. Give me a break. Could the members of this jury even spell the word "fraud" much less know that it means." - Murriel

"I'm thrilled for him, honestly. He's a good man." - Charlotte

"I believe he is guilty to some degree. It is hard to believe that he had no clue what was going on. I think people need to realize that it has to be proven without a shadow of a doubt for the jury to declare a person guilty. So the real problem exists with the prosecution. Someone needs to look at the actual high profile cases that Alice Martin has been in and then determine if she has a problem getting her point across. I think that is what the problem was not that he was not guilty." - Jeff

"I think many people hated him simply because he was so wealthy. This was spun in the media by the class-warfare crowd, who think that anyone who is wealthy achieved it through unethical means.  The jury saw all the details that we are not privy to, and they said he was innocent. Case closed."  - Kenyon

"Mr.Richard if you think that you were wrong for what you did than you need to get put in jail.  But let me tell you something if you get to know Jesus and put him in your life, you will be so glad that you got Jesus in your life you will not care about what people do or say.So get to known Jesus. and stay strong." - Naomi

"Have you ever had someone embezzel funds from you? I think the accounting department was guilty of fraud. Did they not make a deal with the Prosecution for a lesser time in jail?" - Mary
"I have not followed the case." - Glenn
"He should pay back all the money." -N.H.
"The verdict was a farce. (The) jury must have been brain dead. (I) can't say much for the prosecutor either."
- Clarke
"I do not agree with the jury's verdict.  I believe he got away with fraud because as a CEO he has to know what is going on in his company.  Money helps the guilty walk away while the victims pay the bill." - Rick
"A travesty of justice.  No CEO could go seven or eight years without knowing what was going on in his own organization.  If so, he didn't have proper control of his company.  He was more interested in padding his personal worth than than the stockholders or employee benefits or retirment.  He built his net worth fraudulently.  The rich get richer and have no conscience." - William
"I think if 15 folks are guilty, there's someone higher up guilty also." - Manda
"(He) got away with it." - Betty
"He is just like the other people with money, they get off!!!!" - Phyllis
"Time for the feds to fess up to the fact that some they get and some get away.  They got the real criminals and let us let it go at that.  Too often the BIG ONES get away and someone else in their staff gets the rap  This time this resulted in the bums getting the axe and the boss getting away free as he deserved! -  Thomas
"Got away with fraud." - G.C.
"I think that he was guilty on  some of the charges, and I am disappointed in the jury's decision." - Frances
"How can a person who is the head of such a large, powerful rganization NOT KNOW what is going on?  That is the unbelievable part.  He may be stupid, but we are not." - Patrick
"If Scrushy had been tried by a jury of his peers as the Constitution requires, he would have been convicted.  Jurors are not chosen for their ability to come to a logical, or intelligent  conclusion." - James
"Not really sure." - Martha
"He should have been convicted. This is a sign that the justice system needs a major overhaul."  - Andre
"Some very clever legal maneuvering and a contaminated jury, along with a judge that would not let the jury quit, let this smug crook go free. I think the whole farce stinks! - M.L.
"He got away with fraud. How can they punish Martha Stewart and let him get away with robbing people?  If they don't believe he is guilty let them go see his million dollar mansion on Lake Martin." - Linda