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Painting the Town: The Art Studio in Auburn

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

When it comes to after school activities many kids go to soccer, baseball, or football practice but sports aren’t for everyone. An artist in Auburn says that’s why she decided to provide another option.

“It has always been something I wanted to do,” said Michelle Giddens from The Art Studio in Auburn.

Giddens loved art as a kid. She got one degree in college and then went back to another college to get an art degree.

Giddens taught in elementary school and middle school. Eventually, she had some kids and stayed at home but she still had that passion for ar and wanting to share it with kids.

“You just never know what you’re going to get. They are so creative.” Giddens said.

So, two years ago she opened up her own art studio in Auburn, a place where kids have a chance to express their creativity in a whole new way. At a time when art classes are basically non-existent in schools, she says it’s something kids need.

“I want to provide a positive environment where kids can build confidence and be proud of what they’ve done,” Giddens said.

It’s not just learning how to patient. She says some of these kids come here shy and lacking good social skills, but picking up that paint brush seems to open up a whole new world of confidence.

“Just seeing a kid proud of themselves and wanting to come back session after session after session makes it worth it,” Giddens said.

Soon Giddens plans to start a non-profit where she takes her art classes into underserved communities in East Alabama.

If you want to check out the studio and her classes here’s a link to The Art Studio in Auburn.
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