Viewers write on Congressional pay raise

"Now we know the truth! They are the RICH! Who has the IOU's for the Social Security." - William

"They make enough money as it is. There are programs that need the money way more than they do." - Tracy

"Just not shocked." - Kim

"How can they get a pay raise when most employees do not even get a cost of living raise. What makes them different than the average taxpayer? I am not in favor of it when there are financial needs in the average family household." - Dianne

"They make enough as it is. When people can not have enough food why do they think they need a raise, all of us need one too, but no one wants to give us one. So, why do they need one? They don't have to work every day as we do. They don't need one." - Janet

"I wish I could vote to give myself a raise.- -ha ha..  I think it is sad that our representatives can't agree on our national budget, can't agree on education reform, can't fix Social Security, can't get along (Dems vs Repub) ...but they can take care of business that affects themselves." - Brenda

"I know of no other occupation where an employee can vote himself a raise. Let the public vote, you may find out that you aren't worth what you think." - James

"The only way to stop this is not by complaining about it but by doing something about it. In the next election just vote against every person that is in office and try some new ones." - Richard

"They dont deserve it.  Tthey get paid too much now and dont work for it enough!!!" - Stephanie
"They are a bunch of greedy men that get paid more than they're worth." - Gloria
"It's like having the fox guard the hen house.  This is absurd, they aren't deserving of a pay raise.  We have Americans losing their jobs, life savings, homes, etc., and these greedy people have the nerve to vote themselves a payraise.  I think it's legalized thievery!" -  Lee
"They have free mailing privileges, what other freebies do they have? We have to pay for everything." - Harold
"How can they sleep when they haggle over the measly percent given to the military who protect and allow Congress to rule this country? And we won't even begin the issues of Social Security, unemployment, and the poverty-and all it's ilks-that exist in this country." - Karen
"Well, we keep them in what are WE letting them get away with?" - J.B.
"How can they expect to get a raise when they block funds needed to help with other more important issues?" - N.W.
"A bunch of greedy thieves." - Terry
"(Elected officials) from the Office of the President of the United States of America to the mayor in my hometown are OVERPAID. Elected officials are supposed to represent us. Their standard of living is nothing like mine and (they)do not represent me or anyone I know. They are all career politicians. They should be there to serve their country, not get richer. Yes, I am a registered voter and I vote. Alabama has no voice." - Jimmy
"The undecided are knuckleheads." - Henry
"Most people are paid on work production, not how much money they spend!" - Dave
"I feel they do not need a pay raise!!!!! They already get a free ride on Social Security benefits!" - Amelia
"A democracy can survive only as long as those in power refrain from voting themselves gifts from the common treasury. I don't think that the current Congressional members have a desire to do what is best for our democracy. They care only about what they perceive as being good for them. They are, in effect, being paid to pull down the fabric of our country." - John