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Sole Pike Road superintendent candidate addresses concerns at public interview

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After months of searching, Pike Road Schools may have found their next superintendent. From eight semi-finalists to just one, the sole candidate rubbed elbows with community members and parents Tuesday evening. But will he be able to ease parents' concerns amid frustrations that the 'Pike Road way' leaves some behind?

Kelley Glasco's son is approaching high school next year.

“Do I feel like he's behind in some aspects? Yes, but I do think there's still opportunity for him, as well as the other students, to catch up,” said Glasco, a concerned Pike Road parent. She wants to know what Dr. Charles Ledbetter will bring to the table.

“What he's going to do to make the parents feel better on what he's able to do making sure the students get back on track?” Glasco inquired.

The sole superintendent candidate is already alleviating concerns, according to the board of education's president.

"The big thing is now that we've got somebody more or less named to we can start moving forward,” said BOE President Ray Hawthorne. He believes that through a fair and thorough process, Ledbetter emerged as the best gatekeeper of the Pike Road way.

"When we reviewed all the applications, checked the references, collected community input, Dr. Ledbetter was the one that seemed to rise above the rest," Hawthorne stated, "and we think he's going to continue to take us in the direction we need to go in.” 

Ledbetter says he was drawn to the position because the idea of preparing a relatively new school district and its students for the future was appealing.

"A lot of it is just adjustment because of the new school system," he explained, "and so you start things off and you start working and you make adjustments.” 

Ledbetter, the current Dothan City Schools Superintendent, wants to build a consensus among the community.

“Every organization has issues," he admitted. "There's no such thing as an organization that doesn't, and then say 'OK let's solve that and move forward and have everybody going in one direction'.”

Board members asked Ledbetter questions ranging from finances, the direction of the school, curriculum, and assessment.

A vote to appoint Ledbetter will be held on May 15 at 6 p.m.

Current Pike Road Superintendent Suzanne Freeman announced her retirement back in February, her last day will be July 1.

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