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Committee chair holds autism bill as time runs short

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Senator Trip Pittman said he is considering not signing the autism insurance bill, which would prevent the bill from moving to the senate floor, even though it passed committee Wednesday.

The bill would mandate insurance to cover autism therapy. The bill passed 100-0 in the house a few weeks ago. 

However, after a week delay before being assigned to committee the bill finally got a vote today. Pittman, the committee's chair offered a substitute bill along with multiple amendments, attempting to change the bill. 

Only two amendments were approved, including one which would put an age cap at 16. 

After the bill passed, talk from supporters were trying to find a way to take off some of the tacked on amendments, only to learn later Pittman was considering withholding his signature.

Sen. Cam Ward, whose daughter is on the autism spectrum, said there are attempts to procedurally kill the bill, as only 5 legislative days remain. 

If the bill is held up, a filibuster is likely. 

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