Feedback Editorial: Tipping at restaurants

Feedback Editorial: Tipping at restaurants

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A couple weeks ago I provided my thoughts on tipping for service when visiting a sit-down restaurant. I pointed out that even if the service was not up to par, tip 10 percent and report the bad service to a manager.

We received a plethora of responses.

Suezanne wrote, "I totally disagree with this!  Sure a server will make below minimum wage, but it's their choice to that job. If a server wants a good tip in my opinion a server must EARN that tip. They must have a good attitude and friendly personality."

Queskia writes, "Good service means tip. Bad service means you either get a small tip or not at all. No one is going to pay for bad service. I know me and my husband won't."

Tish wrote, "If you cannot afford to tip you cannot afford do eat out. Always tip"

And Michela wrote, "Hi Mom! I didn't realize we were commenting on the same thread. Thanks for continuing to advocate for us classless heathens who 'choose' to work 70 hour weeks! You're the best!"

Bottom line: If a large number of diners choose not to tip, the good servers will leave, forcing the proprietor to settle for a less talented serving staff at your favorite restaurant and eventually your favorite restaurant will close.

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