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Prison construction plan faces opposition in the last days of the legislative session

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Lawmakers have four days to pass a state prison plan, and it took a major step Tuesday.

The plan faces strong opposition from those who say it spends a lot of money while not solving the problems

"We don't indemnify solutions, we identify what's politically expedient," said Rep. Chris England.

This legislative session has seen four prison plan proposals, but what they all do is build new prisons for a lot of money.

"If it can be done for free it would have been done years ago," Sen. Cam Ward said.

However, the biggest problem for opponents is they don't believe new prisons actually solve anything.

"It's still going to be overcrowded, and if you do not have the staff to run these prisons, you're not the same old issues." said David wise, former prison warden.

Supporters like Ward know it doesn't solve everything, and say it's better to do something now before time runs out.

"The idea 'let's just wait one more year,' that's how we got into this mess because we kicked the can down the road," said Ward.

Lawmakers will try not to kick the can down the road and instead get something done in these last three days.

The plan could be in the house floor as early as Wednesday.

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