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Does it Work: Magic Tracks

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Magic Tracks is a glow-in-the-dark, bendable racetrack that allows kids ages 3 and up, to shape the track as cars travel along it.

Magic Tracks claims to be completely customizable. The track pieces glow in the dark and bend and curve in any direction.

You simply snap the pieces together and adjust the track to whatever design you want. You can even adjust it while the cars are moving along the track.

The racetrack is an excellent toy that kids will love, and snapping the pieces together is simple. The bright L-E-D lights adds an extra dynamic that will only add to the enjoyment when used at night. Thanks to the tacks ability to bend, it was also cool to see the race car treat the track like a hamster wheel and move across the room.

There are a few downsides to Magic Tracks. You only receive a single car per set, and it requires 3 triple-A batteries that are not included in the box. Although snapping sections together is easy, it is also easy for them to fall apart or to create areas the cars cannot traverse, especially when creating ramps. Finally, the tracks barely glowed in the dark, a big disappointment when compared to the tracks seen in Magic Track's television commercial.

But overall Magic Track backed up enough of its claims for us to say yes, it does work.

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