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State, dermatologists warn against 'drinkable sunscreen' products

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Despite the growing trend of drinkable sunscreen, dermatologists like Dr. Porcia Love said they do not recommend using it in place of traditional sunscreen creams and sprays.

“I heard about it maybe three or four years go at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting,” Dr. Love said. “They had a vendor there who spoke about the drinkable sunscreens. It had many ingredients in it, mainly natural vitamins and things that could help protect patients from the sun. It did claim you can use it solely as sun protection, but the American Academy of Dermatology does not recommend anything but topical sunscreen as a way of sun protection from the damaging sun rays.”

In March, the Iowa Attorney General’s Office filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against the maker of Osmosis Skincare and Harmonized water, two brands of drinkable sunscreen. The filed suit stated that the products "recklessly gave consumers hollow assurances that they were protected from known health hazard.”

According to Dr. Love, drinkable sunscreens are not FDA-approved and have not gone through the same amount of clinical tests as other traditional sunscreens to assure that they work.

“Topical sunscreen has gone through several clinical trials that have shown it can protect against skin cancer and the ultraviolet radiation that causes some of the damaging effects on skin like wrinkles, brown spots and skin cancers,” Love said.

The Alabama Department of Public Health stated it has no specific knowledge of drinkable sunscreen other than what’s found on the Internet. In a statement, ADPH said, "Since the FDA regulates the Broad Spectrum SPF protection as sunscreen OTC drug products, the fact that the company indicates there has been no FDA review of the products means it is not FDA approved.”

Customer testimonials posted to company pages, like Harmonized Water, state the product is “like a second skin of protection.” However, Dr. Love and ADPH recommend for people to stick to the safest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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