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New all-way stop intersection by Riverwalk Stadium causing confusion

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The most pedestrian visited area in downtown Montgomery has been re-routed, and viewers reached out to WSFA 12 News, expressing concern and confusion over a new intersection outside Riverwalk Stadium.

Montgomery's Public Works Director wants to meet at the mound, if you will, and get one thing straight.

"This is an all-way stop. It’s just a four-way stop,” said Chris Conway, Director of Public Works, City of Montgomery.

The Tallapoosa and Coosa intersection is not a roundabout, but it’s still throwing folks for a loop.

“Why is there a circle in it and do I have to go around it? It makes no sense,” said Thomas Deciutiis.

“The traffic lights are still there going, I haven't noticed the stop signs,” said another concerned driver.

While officials admit that some folks are calling this baseball intersection a foul ball, they say that confusion isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"This is going to sound crazy, but that's part of the traffic calming technique,” said Conway.

Drivers slow down at the new stop, making the now shorter cross-walks safer for pedestrians.

"You're going to go through that with caution, you're going to look around, am I going right, should I avoid the baseball should I go over the baseball all of those things play into I'm going to go through this area a lot slower because I'm not exactly sure what I should do,” said Conway.

However, the traffic diverter is throwing some drivers off their game.

"I would assume I need to go around it versus just driving over it, I feel like some people might think it's a traffic violation or something,” said Deciutiis.

Conway says once you come to a stop, there's not a wrong or right way to run home.

“Seventy percent of the drivers go around the baseball, 30 percent of drivers go over the baseball and guess what you're both right,” said Conway.

The 25-foot wide baseball was actually designed so it could be driven over.

“It's fully mountable by cars, by trucks whatever. I think driver inclination, because it is an artistic looking piece out there, is to drive around it but if you drive over it, it’s not going to hurt it,” said Conway.

Another driving force to the intersection revamp, the city says Tallapoosa Street desperately needed to be re-paved. 

The entire project cost about $250,000 dollars. 

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