Editorial: Safeguard your hard earned money

Editorial: Safeguard your hard earned money

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - So, you pull up to get gas and you put your card in the pump, and just like that a thief just stole your credit or debit card info. Hard to believe isn't it?

It's called a card skimmer.

This has been happening in Alabama and across the U.S. Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been stolen from bank accounts through a multi-city skimming operation.

Here are a few ways to keep your bank account safer:

Check the card reader at the gas pump or ATM. If it looks different, give it a tug to see if someone has inserted a skimmer into the card slot. Another way to stay safe is to use cash or get a chip card. Every time you use a chip card it generates a unique transaction code so copying that one transaction doesn't do the thief any good.

It seems that all credit card companies should issue chip reader cards to help keep our finances safer. There seems to be a slow transition in fully integrating the chip reader technology and, in my opinion, this needs to accelerate.

Technology can do some pretty amazing things these days. We work very hard for our money, so businesses need to figure out how to keep thieves from being able to steal it so easily through a simple scanner.

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