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Alabama looks to attract military jobs with 8 new laws

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

As Alabama fights to attract F-35s to the state, Gov. Kay Ivey and state lawmakers are pulling out all the stops to show their support.

Ivey signed eight pro armed forces bills into law Tuesday to sweeten the pot.

The bills passed with overwhelming support in the legislature.

“Alabama and the United States armed forces go together like butter and molasses on a warm biscuit,” Ivey said.

Right now, the hope is to land the F-35 mission, to keep Maxwell Air Force Base strong. But the hope is that is only the beginning.

"With instances like this where we can show Alabama is not only pro military but also pro economic growth, you are going to see businesses look to expand," said Sen. Bill Holtzclaw.

Alabama hopes the combination will bring in more military jobs to the state.

“This litany of legislation is proof positive of the strong history in Alabama of supporting those who serve in the United States armed forces," Ivey said.

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