Rescuers in Wilcox County Searching for Eleven Year Old

This will be a 4th of July that will haunt a Wilcox County family forever. Diver's found the body of a 52 year old man who apparently drowned while trying to save his grandson. The 11 year old boy is also believed to have drowned.

Now rescuers are arriving from all over the state. "Hey guys how you doing? Sgt. Baynham Fire and Rescue. We appreciate y'all coming. No problem." Once word got out about the drowning help has been coming here from as far south as Mobile and north as Huntsville. Sgt. Denny Baynham of Marengo County Fire and Rescue says "I wouldn't be surprised if it's not between 100 and 150 rescue personnel and law enforcement here."

Rescuers have been at it for more than 24 hours after finding the body of the 52 year old grandfather Brantley Cochran Monday morning, and now they're looking for his eleven year old grandson Tyler Scott. Mike Surles with the Autauga County Fire and Rescue says "It's sad. It's always sad. That's why we're out trying to help to put closure to this."

It is believed the family was on a fishing outing. While their boat was tied to a buoy, rescuers say the boy slipped and fell in the water and the grandfather went in after him. But because they were near a dam that made it difficult getting to safety. "The turbines were sucking the water up and when they came up the last time and he hollered for help the turbines pulled a suction on them that carried them under and it filed their lungs up with water and once that happens that's it."

And, it is hard to believe three family members were on the boat at the time witnessing the whole thing but could do nothing. "They could not swim and they couldn't run the boat. No m'am they could not run the boat. There was only one boat operator and he was the only one and that was the grandfather who jumped in after the boy."

Rescuers say neither the grandfather nor the grandson was wearing a life jacket. Huntsville Fire and Rescue took dogs to the scene and the animals were able to identify the location of the bodies. But divers say because they near a power plant there's so much debris at the bottom of the river it's been difficult finding the eleven year old.

Reporter: Eileen Jones