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Eric: Plan your weekend

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Workweek rain is generally fine, accepted by many people. We need rain. It's a good thing. But rain on the weekend starts to get into a different realm, affecting outdoor plans. This will be one such weekend where activities may have to be staggered around an active radar from time to time...

TODAY: Scattered showers are falling mainly west of I-65 this morning, all of which is light. This activity will scoot eastward through the morning, likely intensifying some as Friday warmth starts to kick in. We've seen some partial sunshine at times, so that will help add a little instability which will fuel a few thunderstorms into the afternoon. Some of what develops will produce heavy rain and a little lightning, but like our last few days, severe weather remains unlikely. 

Future Radar

THIS WEEKEND: I'll call a spade a spade here. It's going to rain and storm this weekend. But within that generic statement, there will be plenty of opportunities to find dry windows. The greatest coverage of rain and storms will be from early afternoon through the evening. While radar may not be completely quiet during the mornings, many areas will be rain-free early. 


Many areas will end up with at least one solid downpour by the time each weekend day wraps up. Avoiding rain entirely will be possible, but not likely. However, if you can deal with an hour or two of rain with some backup plan in mind, you'll be fine. This is not wash out territory. Just enhanced coverage of what becomes our typical daily downpours throughout Summer. Expect weekend temps in the middle to upper 80s. 

INTO NEXT WEEK: As we approach the middle part of next week, rain chances will finally start to taper off. We're still wet to start the week, but likely mostly sunny to close. 

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