Editorial: Crossing the comedic line

Editorial: Crossing the comedic line

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - How far is too far when it comes to comedy?  How far can one push the envelope before stepping over the line?

Kathy Griffin's "comedic" bit showcasing the decapitated head of President Trump went too far.  Her failed attempt at humor was disgusting, and she deserves what comes of it.  No matter what your opinion of the current president, anything related to beheading is simply not funny.

In an online apology Miss Griffin stated "I am just now seeing the reactions to these images" and then goes on to apologize. The problem is she only apologized because of the outcry from both Trump supporters and even many of those not in the president's corner.

Sadly, Griffin and her staff thought this was funny. I wonder how funny they think it is now with Miss Griffin being cut from her employer CNN and the loss of her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty as well as the cancelation of her shows.

She is now claiming to be the victim and is upset that the first family has expressed their feelings regarding her stunt.

Miss Griffin had the free speech rights to express herself this way, as disgusting as it was. But her critics also have free speech rights to criticize her for it.

Free speech goes both ways...and karma does as well.

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