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Does it work: MagicTap

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Parents, do you have an eager child that’s determined to make their own bowl of cereal or cup of juice, but whenever they do there’s a spill left for you to clean up? Well, a nifty little gadget, MagicTap, may solve that problem as your child gains a little independence.

MagicTap is an automatic drink dispenser that claims to make you say goodbye to drips and spills when getting yourself a drink. MagicTap claims to fit every container like magic and allow children to get their own drinks even from giant jugs like a gallon of milk.

MagicTap runs on two double “A” batteries. This is a device that can be used anywhere, not just in the home.

For our test we kept it in the kitchen. For our first test, we made a simple bowl of cereal.

After installing the batteries, I followed the three steps provided. I inserted the tube portion of MagicTap into my jug of milk. I then adjusted the silicone wings over the opening to make sure MagicTap was secure on the jug. Finally, I pressed the blue trigger and voilà: I had a bowl of cereal ready to enjoy.

MagicTap worked so nice we tried it again, this time making a cup of juice. After cleaning the tube portion I followed the same three steps mentioned before and easily made a nice cup of cran-apple juice.

MagicTap is a convenient product that can be used for a lot of things and by all ages. It can be useful to children, the elderly and anyone else that has a difficult time picking up heavy jugs. It’s a useful, money-saving product that can help out in the long run. MagicTap works!

MagicTap can be found at most major retailers for just under 16 dollars.

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