Security experts say blasts look like al-Qaida

LONDON (AP)_Experts say Thursday's attacks in London look like al-Qaida's handiwork.

A security expert at St. Andrews University in Scotland says the series of explosions have "all the trademarks of the al-Qaida network." He says the blasts on subways and a bus were "clearly aimed to cause casualties among the public."

Another expert at the university says London and its transportation network are "a very tempting target." Magnus Ranstorp adds, "It's impossible to guard against this."

He says at least ten to 20 people would have been involved in today's bombings. He says any speculation of a connection to London's being picked for the 2012 Olympics is "nonsense," because such an attack requires a lot of planning. Ranstorp says the bombings were likely intended to disrupt the Group of Eight talks going on in Scotland.

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