Nearly 2 decades in, Wallace's Mackey Sasser still enjoys giving - Montgomery Alabama news.

Nearly 2 decades in, Wallace's Mackey Sasser still enjoys giving back

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Wallace Baseball Coach Mackey Sasser has made a career on the diamond. From playing in the Majors to becoming a head coach at the collegiate level, he's enjoyed his time in the sport, but there's one thing he enjoys above all else and that's giving back during his annual baseball camp.

"It's fun for me to be able to give back to something I've done my whole life," said Sasser. "I've had coaches teach me. So it's fun for me to kind of do those things and enjoy ourselves."

This was year No. 18 for the Mackey Sasser Baseball camp. The campers ranged in ages from six to 13 and it's designed to teach the kids the game of baseball.

"The basic stuff is something you're going to teach and you're going to learn and you're going to continue to do all throughout baseball,"'said Sasser. "We want to teach that early to get them to understand it so they'll put it into play when it comes time."

While Sasser does want to teach the kids everything he knows about the sport, he said the biggest goal of this camp is to make sure every kid is having fun.

"This camp is more about teaching the basic fundamentals and then we have fun," said Sasser. "We want them to have fun playing baseball. The game is supposed to be fun. You don't press, you have fun playing something. That's what we're trying to teach."

After a long season for the Wallace Govs that saw them go to the Junior College World Series and then almost a week of camps, Sasser said it's time for him to take the next few days off and relax.

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