London witnesses: An "incredible bang" -- then carnage

LONDON (AP)_Belinda Seabrook was riding a bus to work in London this morning when she heard what she called "an incredible bang."

The double-decker bus behind hers had blown up -- one of four coordinated rush-hour explosions. "I turned round," Seabrook says, "and half the double-decker bus was in the air."

Jay Kumar, who saw the explosion from his business nearby, says he saw "debris flying all over, mostly glass."

Doctors from the British Medical Association building rushed out to treat the wounded. B-M-A House was splattered in blood "and not much of the bus was left," says Doctor Lawrence Buckman.

On the subway, commuter Simon Corvett says he heard "this massive huge bang."

"All the windows shattered," Corvett said. He says the subway car across from his "was completely gutted."

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