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Physicians just as important as patients in weight loss

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Have you struggled with weight loss? Good news, you're not alone.

Psychotherapist Karen Koenig has a new approach. She suggests success lies on the physician as much as the patient and it starts with motivational interviewing.

"Why has it been hard for you to keep weight off, what would motivate you, what are your values, how can I be of help, what support do you need?", asks Koenig.
Koeing says collaborative care may avoid the five reasons patients rebel against their doctor:

  1. Fear and hopelessness
  2. Depression and anxiety  
  3. Lack of life skills      
  4. Mixed feelings     
  5. Rebellion

It’s human nature. We often resent being told what to do. Koenig said, "They feel as if they're being controlled, and so they rebel actually against the doctor and then against themselves."

Koeing says the solution is compassion. She suggests positive self-talk and acceptance of who you are. She also sees the benefit of asking motivational questions rather than the lecturing on nutritional information.

Maybe most important though, steering away from the term diet.

People don't like to feel deprived because that makes the body metabolism slow down and they're thinking about food all the time, according to Koenig.

Koeing says the key is switching patients from using diets to learning intuitive eating, which is connecting your body.

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