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Alex City makes move on new landfill project

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Alex City leaders say they simply had no choice. The current landfill has around 36 months of life left and something had to be done.

"We'd have to ship it out down south at six or $700 dollars a load," said Alex City Mayor Jim Nabors.

The city council voted 4-2 Monday night to move ahead. The city engineer says the new dump, much like the old one, will be a C&D landfill, construction, and debris. That includes household garbage, no liquids.

"We're talking about limbs, construction debris, and shingles," explained city engineer, Gerard Brewer.

In a meeting last month with the council, opponents were clear they didn't want it.

"We're very concerned and upset," said one homeowner.

City records indicate around 30 or so homeowners live within a half-mile radius of where the new landfill will be located, about 2,000 feet from the current landfill off North Central Avenue. The city has set aside $180,000 to buy the land.

Mayor Nabors said they had looked at three other locations, but the one off of North Central Avenue just made economic sense.

"Who wants that? Who wants that in their neighborhood?" said another resident.

The new dump is a long way from being built. There is a long process to get a state permit from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, which ironically will take about 36 months. The mayor admitted not everyone is happy and wouldn't be surprised if legal action is taken to try to stop it.

"I respect their feelings. If anybody was in their situation, I'm sure they would have a negative thought," Nabors said.

"The city is complying with those regulations. As a matter of fact, we're committed to exceeding them. One of the things is the buffer zone. We're committed to trying to exceed the minimum buffer," said Brewer.

If and when that happens, the mayor believes the city is prepared to defend itself. Meantime, the clock is ticking on the active landfill: three years and counting.

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