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Balloon pill provides non-surgical option for weight loss

(Source: NBC File Video) (Source: NBC File Video)

A non-surgical weight loss tool is now available to men and women who are hoping to shed more than a few pounds.

The new tool is a pill that you swallow with a balloon inside. The balloon inflates inside your stomach to help you feel full and avoid overeating. One dad hopes it will be the key to helping him lose weight.

Eric Wilson wants to get rid of what he calls his "dad bod". What Wilson is referring to is the 20 to 30 extra pounds that he wants to go.

"I've always kind of fallen off the bandwagon if you will, so this is kind of more a little long term motivation for me," said Wilson.

Doctor Sachin Kukreja says the entire procedure requires three balloons to be swallowed two weeks apart. The balloons are filled with nitrogen gas and they stay in the stomach for six months.

"After six months we do an upper endoscopy where we put the patient in twilight anesthesia and drop the end of the scope, we pop the balloon and pull them out," said Dr. Kukreja.

Doctor Kukreja says the procedure is for someone considered moderately overweight.

Wilson says he has already lost ten pounds and he tells his friends that combined with diet and exercise, the balloons could be key to losing that “dad bod”.

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