Editorial: Seat belts save

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As we move into the heart of summer and prime vacation season – here are a couple of reminders. In the first six months of this year…122 people have died in auto accidents and they were not wearing a seat belt.

The Alabama seat belt law requires all persons in the front seat of a motor vehicle to wear a seat belt securely fastened.  Time and time again we see videos provided by dashboard cameras which reveal just how vulnerable we are as automobile passengers when in an accident.  Without wearing a seat belt we are helpless.

We need to get into the habit early on of wearing a seat belt.  Parents need to secure their children with seat belts the moment they sit in the car.  They also need to secure the car seats.  Once this is done, they then need to secure themselves.  No car should ever be put in drive without the driver confirming all passengers and themselves have fastened and secured their seat belts.

Be safe this summer and buckle up! The fine for being caught by law enforcement without wearing a seat belt is $25.  The penalty for not wearing a seat belt while driving and in an auto accident often times is death!

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