Governor Riley's Memo on State Employee Leave Time for Hurricane Dennis

Below is the text of Governor Bob Riley's memo to state agency heads regarding state employee leave time during Hurricane Dennis.

TO: All State Agency Heads

FROM: Bob Riley, Governor

DATE: July 8, 2005

RE: Hurricane Dennis

Due to the nature of the impending Hurricane Dennis, a state of emergency has been declared. This storm is dangerous and travel in many areas may be restricted. At the current time, it is expected that state offices will be open on Monday, July 11.

However, because the safety of state employees is of overriding concern, each department director is authorized to advise his or her employees that - subject to the requirements of their position - if dangerous conditions exist, employees will not be required to report to work and will not be charged leave.

Department directors should first address counties where the Governor has declared mandatory evacuation.

Should dangerous conditions exist, each department and agency is urged to communicate with employees over the weekend.

Some departments have put in place a staff phone network ("phone tree"), a dedicated line for employees to call, or other means of communicating information.

In the absence of such a plan, it is recommended that each state employee confer with his or her immediate supervisor or other designated contact for further information regarding work requirements.

Departments providing public safety and direct care services must plan and schedule their activities accordingly, with the directors of those departments determining staffing needs and work requirements to ensure the continued operation of essential and emergency services.

Each department director is reminded that this authority is to be exercised based upon the specific need to protect the health and safety of individual employees.

The authority should be exercised judiciously and not necessarily in blanket fashion.

No employee is entitled to emergency leave merely because a co-worker, with different circumstances, is granted leave.

Provided by the Office of the Governor